David M. Hughes

David M. Hughes
Composer - performer, David M. Hughes has developed an arsenal of techniques throughout the years, first the Chapman stick instrument consisting of 10 strings a blend of bass guitar, guitar, and cello effects which are very present in PTM. Also he has developed an extraordinary technique on the didgeridoo, Australian Aboriginal wind instrument which David has mastered throughout the years.

Add to that a combination of both instruments played simultaneously. You get a wonderful blend only PTM has to offer.

David is a member of the Marc Vallée Trio which he had the great opportunity to perform at the prestigious Montreal Jazz Festival 2004. He recorded and performed with Mario Chénart, Louise Poirier, Cryptopsy, Claire Vézina, Bruno Pelletier, Glenn Moore, Paul McCandless, Oregon and Shower Team.

Chapman Stick, bass, didgeridoo, voices.

David build his own didgeridoos.

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